Who is Bup the Bean Fiend?

Bup the Bean Fiend

Hello, my name is Bup the Bean Fiend, but you can call me Bup. Allow me to spill the beans and tell you a bit about myself.


Years ago, I was born into an Arabica family. My brothers, sisters and extended family all share the same family trait – we’re people pleasers! We live for putting smiles on faces and keeping energy levels up.


From the very first day I was born, I was taught about the wonders of coffee. Where I’m from, the marvellous aroma constantly lingers in the air. But I was not allowed many sips until I was older. You see, I’ve always been a friendly fella, and as a young Bup, I had a lot of energy, even without caffeine. Who would want a bean like me running mad? Not my family, they’d ground me!


As I grew up, I quickly learned to appreciate coffee without going wild. It tastes of nostalgic, roasted goodness. Coffee keeps me fuelled for the daily grind, and allows me to power through the evening chores since I like a clean house. A tidy house is a tidy mind, and adding caffeine to that is a recipe for conquering any day. That’s why I like to hug my cup and keep it close – words cannot espresso how much it means to me.


Coffee isn’t just a drink that brings us all together, it’s a feeling that makes the world a better place. I’m here to spread the joy of coffee, and I love my job. They don’t call me a Bean Fiend for nothing!


You only get one shot at life, so why not fill it with smiles.