About Us

Our Story

If you’re looking for a reusable cup, then you probably already know that the number of disposable cups we coffee lovers consume on our regular trips to the coffee shop can’t be good for Mother Earth. It’s an issue that’s becoming increasingly obvious as more coffee shops start to offer discounts for those of us using reusable cups, and some even charging extra for disposable cups.

As regular coffee drinkers, our reusable cup is a big part of the experience. After experimenting with countless cups, we discovered our favourite material to drink from: glass. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t retain any smells or tastes like many plastic cups do, and we don’t have to worry about any chemicals leaching into our drink. Unlike metal, we can put a glass cup in the microwave if we need to. With a little bit of care and mindfulness, it’s a cup we can cherish for life.

That’s the simple story behind how the Huggacuppa Reusable Glass Cup came to be.

Who We Are

Huggacuppa is equal parts information, awareness, positive attitude and humour. 

Our mission is to spread the smile that coffee brings to our face while sharing fun and important information. We’re about being aware and making informed decisions, but we want to have a tonne of fun doing it. 

Huggacuppa is represented by Bup the Bean Fiend. You’ll find him at the bottom of every Huggacuppa Reusable Glass Cup, reminding you to find your smile.

Learn more about Bup here.

Bup the Bean Fiend